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Toddler Room


Newly independent toddlers are ready to explore and discover with caring teachers at their side every step of the way. We understand that toddlers benefit from playing along with other toddlers and trusted adults. Opportunities for early learning abound in our creative, exploratory environment. Our toddlers will be mastering in walking, running, and other gross and fine motor skills to encourage their independence and socialization. Also with supervised free-play, your child will quickly understand the importance of sharing and taking turns with others in the classroom. 

Our teachers provide a personalized experience for your children and build a sense of self while working on small and large muscle development, social and emotional development, and motor skills. Children will also develop self-help skills, such as eating, going to the bathroom, as well as learning confidence and independence. Teachers offer positive guidance as our toddlers move through each stage of development. Hands-on learning activities help your child develop beginning readiness skills. At this important stage, your toddler will explore the world of dramatic play, creative expression, art, music, socialization, and many more important skills and concepts.

Development Progress

Cognitive 80%
Social / Emotional 76%
Hand & Finger Skills 74%
Language 71%
Movement 74%
Hearing & Speech 76%
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