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Infant Room


We will be focusing on the five senses development in this class, which including taste, touch, hearing, sight, and smell. Children at this age will be familiar with different sounds through hearing and start learning words through interacting with others. Everybody will have a chance to experiment the texture of different toys and materials during sensory time learning, their curiosity will motivate them to explore and investigate things around them. All of our caregivers are cognizant of the importance of establishing a stable relationship through which trust and security are generated.

We introduce sign language at this age level to promote verbal development. Our teachers enjoy using language with the babies through engaging them in dialogue, singing, and reading stories to them. Since children learn primarily through play, the equipment and toys are selected by our team of experienced staff members to ensure they are age appropriate, safe and purposeful. We will stimulate their minds with age-appropriate tools and lessons to help them adjust to the world around them. Our Staff will make every effort to ensure that your children are as happy and comfortable as possible while they are with us.

Development Progress

Cognitive 72%
Social / Emotional 68%
Hand & Finger Skills 65%
Language 62%
Movement 69%
Hearing & Speech 67%
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