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Health & Safety

Health and Safety

All of our staff members have CPR and First Aid training. Training on proper diapering, sanitary hand washing practices are provided every month. In addition, our certified nurse provides staff and family support regarding health topics, safety issues, and medical concerns that may arise. 


Safety and security are the top priorities at Kids Future Day Care Center. All classrooms, entrance, hallway, and exit are monitored 24/7 with security camera system. We are limiting unauthorized access to our building as much as we can. Only enrolled parents with given access codes can enter the facility through Procare check-in station. Visitors and unauthorized pick-up require direct employee assistance. 

Procare’s Integrated Daycare and Child Care Security Hardware

Procare provides check-in and security options with hardware that is integrated with Procare Desktop. The Procare keyless entry, interior door control and check-in systems allow you to take control of building access and security, while Procare Touch is an all-inclusive check-in and payment solution, working seamlessly alongside the interior door controller and electronic signature pad.


Our qualified, and experienced staff members continue to deliver health and safety practices that ensure a clean, safe, and healthy learning environment.

Sanitizing and Cleaning are done on daily basis
  • All toys, equipment, shared surfaces, and spaces are cleaned and sanitized throughout the day and in between uses.
  • High priority is placed on frequency and proper technique of hand-washing upon arrival and throughout the day.

Disaster Preparedness

We follow the highest standards of safety and preparedness at our center to ensure that all children and staff are safe, secure, and ready to handle emergencies and natural disasters.

How do we prepare?
  • We practice a variety of emergency drills with the children each month to ensure readiness. These include fire drills, earthquake drills, tornado drills, and general evacuations. Evacuation routes and safe zones are posted along the hallways and exits.
  • Besides the center’s phone number for contact in case of emergencies, we also communicate to all families via Procare whenever possible to keep families informed of unplanned closures due to weather or other unplanned factors.  
  • All staff members are trained in First Aid and CPR.
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