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Experienced & Exceptional

Our foundation is built on a set of core values that revolve around creating a child-centered environment led by a team of dedicated professionals. Our amazing teachers and staff are what set us apart from our competitions. They’re the ones guiding children along their path of development, day in and day out.

Our teachers have a magical way of unlocking curiosity and exploring minds so a world of learning can unfold. We dedicated our time to recruit loving, enthusiastic, and experienced teachers and staff members to ensure a safe, positive, and caring learning environment for your children.

Qualities & Traits

✅ High School Diploma, GED, Degree in Early Childhood Development.

✅ CPR and First Aid Certification or willingness to obtain certification

✅ Complete and pass Fingerprinting, Criminal Background Check, and Child Abuse and Neglect Background Check.

✅ Ensure that learning is not only educational but also a joyful and engaging experience for every child.

✅ Maintain open communication with parents and families at all times.

✅ Create innovative ideas and approaches to every-day work life.

Parent Testimonial

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Each and every review from parents are very valuable for us to continuously improve our care for all children at the center.

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