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Pre-K Room


Students should be able to spell basic words, doing addition and subtraction problems to prepare for their next chapter. They will learn and improve in their social skills by interacting with others and group play during the day. We will focus on helping them with fine motor skills development and directing how to do basic problem solving. Children enjoy lively and full days of discovery, questions, and skill development. Every day, students explore learning with purpose and practice as they begin to comprehend their own thought processes and the underpinnings of critical thinking. In a fun and motivating environment full of natural interactions and activities that prepare them for their learning journey ahead, kids become eager, active learners.

You can feel confident knowing lesson plans are customized to meet each child’s developmental needs. Teachers provide regular updates, ongoing portfolio collections and twice-yearly parent teacher conferences, to ensure that your preschooler is progressing on his or her journey of Kindergarten preparation. This class is great for families who desire to engage their children in a high expectations setting, giving them the tools to be properly prepared for elementary school. Our Pre-K program’s proprietary curriculum is a combination of the best practices of curriculum programs we have used over the years, while also incorporating character qualities, music, and the arts.

Development Progress

Cognitive 95%
Social / Emotional 91%
Hand & Finger Skills 88%
Language 84%
Movement 88%
Hearing & Speech 85%
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