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4848 N Sheridan Road Unit 103
Chicago, IL 60640
Telephone: (312) 945-7893
Fax: (312) 945-8321
Email: [email protected]

Parents’ Testimonials

Even though my daughter has only been at this center for a little more than 1 month, she has changed a lot. My 2-years old daughter was home-cared by grandmother. She's getting older now so we want to look for a good day care for her to start learning. On her first day at Kids Future, she cried non-stop but she quickly got used to it after 2-3 days. Thanks to Ms Erika and Latina, they were always friendly and paid close attention to my daughter. She has learned a lot from school and act very independently.
John Ellis
I heard about Kids Future from their flyers. Their location is convenient for us since Edgewater is couple streets away. I attended their Open House back in July but they were not ready to be open so I enrolled my child at another day care. Now that they are open and they gave me a call, I will start bringing my child in next month. Their staff is pretty friendly. Their center's layout is pretty clean and neat in which I really like.
Basil Cavendish
The staff are nurturing and caring people that love seeing children raised in the environment that promotes learning and also provides the same love and support that parents and family give. They really love the children.
Sonny L.
I would definitely recommend Kids Future Day Care Center to my friends and family. The facility is very clean and the classrooms are conductive to our child's development.
Elizabeth D.
The staff is very friendly and caring. They make our child feel comfortable and loved.
Karen C.

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